Crafting Brands, Stories, and Experiences.

The work of Jen Kuhn

Most of us grow up. Climb the rungs of the ladder. One step after the next. But I don’t think that is what makes me good at what I do. My dad used to tell me, “life is one big story, but you have to make that story.”

I’m a designer, an art director, a creative director, I’ve even owned my own business. I’ve listened, dreamed, fought like hell, laughed until my sides hurt; I’ve led teams, mentored individuals, worked more hours than I ever want to admit; I’ve solved business problems, uncovered opportunities, engaged consumers, and drove sales. I learned new ways of communicating and how to marry words and images together to create compelling statements, not just make pretty pictures.

With every experience I added to my story, I noticed there was always a constant that made me get out of bed each day. Every project I created, team I led, client I engaged with — I fell in love with people. The business owners with their ideas to change the future, the foundations with the courage to better this world. I connected with them, with their audiences — I learned part of my story was telling their stories.

Through brands, marketing campaigns, websites, social media, videos. I let their stories guide me. I created the work you see here today. Well, not just by myself, but with some of the most brilliant minds I have had the honor of working with for the last fifteen years of my career.

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