Creating Brand Ambassadors

Wealth Partners creates an internal program to help their employees learn how to live out out their brand.

The world of branding and marketing can seem complex and scary to many — especially employees who are asked to represent their company well on a daily basis. While working at Untitled Creative Studio, we knew that in order for employees to live out the Wealth Partner brand centered on guiding and empowering, we would need to make sure they felt the same way. Through an online communications guide and a powerful workshop titled, “A Guide for Guides that Guide,“ not only did we create knowlegeable and confident brand ambassadors, we also helped Wealth Partners with recruitment, giving them the resources they needed to attract the right talent for their company.

Making Learning Fun

Focusing on the fun part of the brand personality, we decided to host an afternoon workshop and hand out custom binders that would serve as an outline for brand elements. Each leather binder, handmade by a fair-trade company in Indonesia, was sealed with a wrapper. A letter from the owner helped reveal the mission of the company. Employees were asked to check off each company value and sign a bookmark as a commitment to Wealth Partner clients. A linen letterpresses notebook reminded them of the company vision. And a series of flash cards served as the main outline to help connect employees to the new online brand communications guide.

Creating an Online Communications Guide

In order to help Wealth Partners’ employees successfully communicate the brand story both visually and verbally, we developed a password-protected online communication guide. The guide focused on the company’s brand foundation; a toolkit for logo, colors, and fonts; and a communications section to teach employees how to clearly and concisely communicate in both written and spoken word.

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