Hope is Defeating Cancer

Introducing the new St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center to the Green Bay, WI community.

On January, 2010 St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center in Green Bay, WI, hosted a grand opening event. The new facility brought some of the highest level cancer care to the residents of northern WI. As part of a team at Milwaukee-based ad agency, Jigsaw, we knew successfully treating cancer transcends treatments and technology, it also requires one simple human emotion, hope.

Hope Is

Jigsaw the agency was given the task to help plan the event. The key insight was that hope is defined in an infinite number of ways. And that we all find hope in different things. The theme, “Hope is” found its way into all the event materials — from invitations and sitemaps to posters throughout the event.

The Hope Wall

For the marquee piece, Jigsaw partnered with Adobe XD in San Francisco. Using sophisticated programming, flash technology, and a lot of inventiveness we created the “Hope Wall.” A massive, rear-projected interactive display featuring the words, “Hope Is __________” allowed participants to walk up to the monitor and in their own handwriting write what hope is to them. Moments later their message, larger than life, would rewrite on the “Hope Wall.” The message joined other event attendees messages displaying a community of inspiring and breathtaking messages of hope.

Hope Lives On

The messages from the event were then compiled as data for a website. On the site, cancer patients and their families could read these inspiring messages of hope and add their own as well — making it a community of hope for everyone.

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