Travel Adventures

Overnight Buses Travel Magazine brings the art of storytelling alive through a digital travel essay magazine.

In 2012, founded by two friends with the need to travel and slow down their lives, Myself and Thomas Tegart had the bright idea to create a free digital-only travel magazine for the ipad. Aimed at bringing travel publications to the digital age, the new quarterly publication fused technology and design together to share multimedia stories from a community of authors desiring experiences and seeking adventures off the beaten path.

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Branding an Experience

Dedicated to helping and inspiring readers to seek their own adventures and share their own stories, the ONB Magazine brand came alive every quarter with a new issue. Combining long form essay writing with beautiful tactile visuals, and a versatile illustration system created by Danielle Fritz — created a fun and engaging experience unique to the magazine.

Gathering Stories from Travel Writers All Over the World

Writers from all over the world fell in love with our magazine. Stories of hidden places, humorous mishaps, and lessons learned were submitted about Haiti, Italy, Turkey, Nepal, Peru, the U.S, and so many other places.

Sharing a Love For Travel

How do you find readers? Social media of course. With a global outreach, ONB Magazine reached over 16 countries, and accrued over 7,000 downloads. Posts offered travel photos of the day and supported issue launches and articles; as well as sharing reader comments. Useable postcards were created and handed out at travel shows and coffee shops all over the world.