Connecting Moms and Moms-to-be

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare creates online mom community aimed at educating and connecting.

Working at Milwaukee-based ad agency, Jigsaw, I worked on one of their largest clients, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. Wheaton offered healthcare in eight different service lines, including Women and Infants. Operating six unique hospitals in Southeastern Wisconsin, they wanted a way to connect moms and moms-to-be in the communities they served. Our solution, take it online.

Babies Are Our Business

As part of a post delivery packet, all new moms and dads were sent home with what we called, “The Mom Community Kit.” Introducing them to educational resources for new parents at the hospital: an online blog offering professions medical advice on a variety of topics, a facebook group to connect with other moms, and a live Twitter stream offering daily quick tips and tricks on parenting.

Learning from the Best

With so much advice on the web for new parents, Wheaton wanted to be a reliable source for information. Staffed by medical professionals, the Women and Infants blogged aimed to answer real questions submitted by moms and moms-to-be in the community.

First Rule of Motherhood, Moms Share Stories

We knew how much moms love to talk about their new bundles of joy. Using the Facebook platform we created a means for moms to share a photo of their new baby along with a written story as a way to introduce themselves the Wheaton mom community.

Daily Words of Advice

With a variety of classes to offer, new births to announce, and daily tips to give — we wanted to provide Wheaton marketing teams and medical professionals a quick way to communicate with new moms. We introduced @wheatonfwi to Twitter followers.