Changing the Financial Industry

Wealth Partners Financial Services new brand promises to guide and empower.

After fifteen years of creating strategies, tools, and innovative processes, Wealth Partners was ready to create a brand that reflected everything they had built. While working at Untitled Creative Studio, we worked closely with Wealth Partners to help them redefine their brand purpose, personality, and position. Focused on education, a unique approach, and individually-focused services, the new brand guided and empowered individuals to make the right financial decisions in their life — helping set Wealth Partners apart from their competitors.

Meet the Compass

We created a symbol for the new brand to help remind both employees of Wealth Partners and their clients who they are, what they are about, and where they are going. The “compass” represents guiding, pointing users in the right direction. The directional arrow points up towards the north star, representing each individuals’ success and is made up of three sections standing for the revolutionary approach Wealth Partners takes to financial planning.

New Look, Same Company

We redesigned the entire Wealth Partners’ experience to better reflect their commitment to guiding their clients — an idea we wove into every touchpoint, right down to their business cards. An overview brochure was created to help tell the story of Wealth Partner and share their approach and process.

Taking the Brand Online

In order to bring the experience of Wealth Partners online, we created a website to engage and inform current and prospective clients. The website, grounded in user behavior research and business goals, educates users on Wealth Partners’ individualized approach to wealth management, showcases service offerings, tells their story, and introduces their professional team. All to establish confidence in prospective clients to contact Wealth Partners for an introductory meeting.

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Educating the Masses

As part of their ongoing commitment to education, we helped Wealth Partners revamp their workshop and seminar experiences. We created both an extensive educational workbook and updated existing worksheets to help teach simple and complex financial strategies to attendees.